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In Welsh tradition, the Goddess Ceridwen, from whose cauldron the Awen arises, birthed a babe whose brow was aflame with wisdom’s illumination. As Gwion, he stole the precious drops of her brew meant for another. As the reborn Taliesin, she swaddled him tightly, and set him afloat in a coracle – a small rounded vessel woven from branches and covered in leather. Discovered in a salmon weir, and raised by a Welsh prince, the boy grew to become the greatest bard ever to dwell on the Island of the Mighty.

As a reflection of this mythic process through which we seek wisdom and divine inspiration, the Sisterhood of Avalon has created The Coracle, a vessel that moves across the waters, bearing knowledge and sharing Awen. It is an online platform dedicated to uplifting and supporting the voices of teachers and wisdom-holders from a variety of aligned traditions and perspectives in a medium where anyone can participate, regardless of location. Among our offerings, we sponsor several conferences including our annual Women in Druidry Conference, the Psychospirituality in Paganism Conference, and our new Women in Magic Conference.

The Coracle and the Sisterhood of Avalon are committed to creating a space that is inclusive and welcoming to everyone, regardless of spiritual tradition or gender identification. Although the Sisterhood of Avalon is a women’s organization, our offerings through The Coracle are open to persons of any gender, unless otherwise noted. Although we currently have no plans for events that are women-only, any that we may offer will be open to ALL women.

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We invite you to join us on a continuing journey of online learning, offered by priestesses of our tradition and our invited guests.

We hope you can join us for this bend of the journey!

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The Coracle presents Mhara Starling

An Introduction to Welsh Folk Magic and Cunning Traditions

With Honored Guest

Saturday, May 7 2022

Wales is a land rich not only with mythology and folklore, but intriguing streams of folk magical practices and traditions. Throughout history Wales was home to a variety of folk magical specialists; Wise Women, Cunning Men, Herbal Healers, Diviners, Conjurers and more.

During this workshop you will be guided through an exploration of the history, lore, and practice of folk magic and cunning magical traditions.

  • Learn about Awenyddion: magical specialists who operated as soothsayers or oracles.
  • Delve into the practices and role of the community Swynydd: those who helped people find lost objects, heal from ailments, and protect their animals.
  • Explore how cursing and baneful magic might have been utilised by Welsh folk throughout history.
  • Unravel an understanding of how magic could both heal and harm, and was a common part of everyday life throughout many points in history in Welsh communities.
This workshop will not only offer you an insight into the history and lore of Welsh magical traditions, but also provide you with an understanding of how to incorporate these practices into your modern-day magical practice.
Welsh Witchcraft by Mhara Starling

MHARA STARLING was born in North Wales, raised on the Isle of Anglesey, and is a native Welsh speaker. Her magical practice is inspired and informed by historical Welsh folk magic, Welsh folklore and her connection to the land. Mhara is the author of “Welsh Witchcraft: A Guide to the Spirits, Lore, and Magic of Wales” which released February 2022

You can learn more about Mhara and her work in the following places:

Llewellyn Author Page

Facebook Page

YouTube Channel

Mhara can be found on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok under: @mhara_starling