Administrative Roles

Stonehenge - Photo Credit: Jhenah Telyndru

The Morgen

The SOA is guided by the Morgen who serves as the primary authoritative spokesperson for the theological direction of the Sisterhood of Avalon. She is roughly the equivalent of the Archdruid in other orders and traditions, her title drawn from Avalonian Legend of the Nine Morgens, or High Priestesses, who served the Goddess and the Holy Island. All women are equal in the SOA; simply, it is the service of the Morgen is to keep strong and help manifest the Vision of the Sisterhood.

Administrative Bodies

To best serve all of our Sisters, we have embraced the following administrative structure:

  • The Council of Nine is the guiding religious body of the Sisterhood of Avalon. With roles of service based upon the Ninefold Sisterhood of Avalon, the Council of Nine, along with the Morgen, is responsible for the development, growth and transmission of the Avalonian Tradition – insuring that it is firmly rooted in a scholastic authenticity that honors our Brythonic Spiritual Ancestors, while also being a reflection of Source and touched with the renewing inspirations of Awen.
  • The Board of Trustees is responsible for decisions related to secular policy and governance of our non-profit corporation. The Board is comprised of four officers — President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer – and three Trustees, of which one is appointed by the Board and two are voted on by the membership at large. The Board is served by Executive Director who is in an administrative position appointed by and reporting to the Board. The election, scope of service, and responsibilities of the SOA Board of Trustees is elaborated in detail in our organizational Bylaws.

While a woman in the SOA may serve as a member of the Board of Trustees, the Council of Nine or as a chairperson of one of our committees, these titles indicate a place of service within the organization, and only last for the duration of tenure in these positions. They do not in any way represent spiritual achievement or authority, nor do they confer any ongoing endorsement by the Sisterhood. Any attempt to equate these positions with spiritual authority within the Avalonian Tradition is misleading and unsupported by the SOA.

Role Of Clergy

The SOA is not a degree granting tradition, and as such, we do not initiate priestesses; we feel that a Priestess of Avalon cannot be “made” by any earthly authority. Just as it took decades of dedicated work and discipline to become a druid in ancient Celtic times, we believe the same of the the women who served their tribes as part of the Ninefold Sisterhoods found throughout Celtic lands  — and that they must have done so while living in a closed community dedicated solely to the work of the service to the Gods in an established continuum.

Artwork by Emily BrunnerWhile we are actively remembering, reclaiming and renewing the traditions of old, becoming a priestess is not something that can be accomplished through the reading of a book or completion of a course. A woman is recognized a Priestess by her actions and her very presence of being, as no woman can pass through the doors of true initiation without some profound and lasting inner change occurring in her life.

That said, we do recognise the need for trained clergy to offer support, to facilitate rites of passage, and to take on roles of service in their communities. To this end, the Avalonian Thealogical Seminary presents a rigorous course of study that culminates in legal ordination for those Sisters who feel called to this service.