Avalonian Thealogical Seminary

Some of you may, or may not, know that the Sisterhood of Avalon runs a seminary to train members as clergy to serve within the organization and within their own communities.

From the webpage (http://avalonseminary.org/)

The aim of Avalonian Thealogical Seminary is threefold:

1 – To Remember … Through Service to Self – We provide  a centralized, uniform foundation in the Avalonian Tradition to reveal a practical road map for undertaking the  journey towards personal evolution and self actualization.

2- To Reclaim … Through Service to Sisters –  We cultivate the art of Empowerment Midwifery, present training in pastoral counseling and  the facilitation of rites of passage in accordance with local laws and scope of practice.

3- To Renew … Through Service to Goddess – We  encourage the growth of this work  by requiring that each student complete a comprehensive neoteric Thesis relating to the Avalonian Tradition. We ensure that sisters become fully grounded in the Avalonian Method of Wisdom Transmission, so that the ever expanding circle grows ever stronger.

Registration for the first level of seminary (Seed One) is open to members of the Sisterhood now through July 1.

Some women that join the Sisterhood of Avalon are drawn to the path and to the structure of the seminary as a path for training, support, and avocational development. There are many paths of service, and the Sisterhood of Avalon is so very pleased to see this particular path grow and evolve.