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Avalon Within: Inner Sovereignty and Personal Transformation through the Avalonian Mysteries – Jhenah Telyndru

The Isle of Avalon: Sacred Mysteries of Arthur and Glastonbury – Nicholas R. Mann

Glastonbury: Avalon of the Heart – Dion Fortune

King Arthur’s Avalon: The Story of Glastonbury – Geoffrey Ashe

Journey to Avalon: The Final Discovery of King Arthur – Chris Barber

The Keys to Avalon – Steve Blake

The Avalonians – S. Roy L. Hawkins

Ladies of the Lake – Caitlin Matthews

Crossing to Avalon: A Woman’s Midlife Quest for the Sacred Feminine– Jean Shinoda Bolen

In the Nature of Avalon – Kathy Jones

Priestess of Avalon, Priestess of the Goddess: A Renewed Spiritual Path for the 21st Century: A Journey of Transformation Within the Sacred Landscape of Glastonbury and the Isle of Avalon – Kathy Jones

The Ancient British Goddess: Her Myths, Legends, Sacred Sites and Present Day Revelation – Kathy Jones

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Celtic Britain

The Celtic World – Miranda Green

Celtic Wales (University of Wales – Pocket Guide) – Miranda Aldhouse-Green

Pagan Celtic Britain – Anne Ross

Celtic Heritage: Ancient Tradition in Ireland & Wales – Alwyn Rees

The Ancient Celts – Barry Cunliffe

Pagan Celtic Britain – Anne Ross

Celtic Britain (Ancient Peoples and Places) – Charles Thomas

The Britons (The Peoples of Europe) – Christopher A. Snyder

Celtic Britain Ancient Peoples and Places – Nora K. Chadwick

The Archaeology of Celtic Britain and Ireland: c. AD400 – 1200 – Lloyd Laing

Artefacts and Archaeology: Aspects of the Celtic and Roman World – (from University of Wales Press)

The Celtic Inscriptions of Britain: Phonology and Chronology, c. 400 – 1200 (Publications of the Philological Society) – Patrick Sims-Williams

The Celts: A Very Short Introduction – Barry Cunliffe

Britain and the Celtic Iron Age – Simon James

The World of the Celts – Simon James

Atlas of the Celts (From Firefly Books)

Teach Yourself World Cultures Wales (Teach Yourself) – Julie Brake

Celtic Art: From Its Beginnings to the Book of Kells – M. Ruth Megaw

Early Celtic Art in Britain and Ireland (Shire Archaeology) – Ruth Megaw

Celtic Identity and the British Image – Murray G. H. Pittock

Celtic Ornament in the British Isles – E. T. Leeds

Celtic Fortifications – Ian Ralston

The Forts of Celtic Britain (Fortress) – Angus Konstam

The Celtic Heroic Age – John Carey

Kingdoms of the Celts: A History and Guide – John King

Aspects of the Iron Age in Central Southern Britain (Monograph (University of Oxford, Committee for Archaeology), No. 2)

The Boudican Revolt Against Rome (Shire Archaeology) – Paul R. Sealey

British Heroic Age – N. Kershaw Chadwick

Celtic and Saxon: The Struggle for Britain, AD 410 – 937 (Celtic Interest) – Peter B. Ellis

The Celtic and Roman Traditions: Conflict and Consensus in the Early Medieval Church – Caitlin Corning

Celtic Myth and Legend From Arthur and the Round Table to the Gaelic Gods and the Giants They Battled – The Celebrated Comprehensive Treasury of Celtic Mythology, Legend, and Poetry – Charles Squire

The Magic Arts In Celtic Britain – Lewis Spence

Celtic Sacred Landscapes – Nigel Pennick

Dictionary of Celtic Myth and Legend – Miranda J. Green

Celtic Myths, Celtic Legends – R.J. Stewart

Animals in Celtic Life and Myth – Miranda Green

Celtic Religion in Roman Britain – Graham Webster

Ceremonies of Initiation In Britain – George Oliver

Christians & Pagans Roman CL – Watts

Celtic Healing: The Healing Arts of Ancient Britain, Wales and Ireland – C. J. S. Thompson

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Celtic Women

Celtic Women: In Legend, Myth and History – Lyn Webster Wilde

Women in Celtic Law and Culture (Women’s Studies) – Jack George Thompson

War, Women, and Druids: Eyewitness Reports and Early Accounts of the Ancient Celts – Philip Freeman

Women of the Celts – Jean Markale

The Condition of Women and Children Among The Celtic, Gothic and Other Nations – John M’Elheran

Women and Goddesses in Early Celtic History, Myth and Legend (Working Papers In Irish studies) – James E. Doan

The Quest for the Nine Maidens – Stuart McHardy

King Arthur’s Enchantress: Morgan and Her Sisters in Arthurian Tradition – Carolyne Larrington

Warrior Queen: The Story of Boudica, Celtic Queen – Alan Gold

The Red Haired Girl From the Bog: The Landscape of Celtic Myth and Spirit – Patricia Monaghan

Celtic Women in Music: A Celebration of Beauty and Sovereignty – Maireid Sullivan

Britannia Rules: Goddess-Worship in Ancient Anglo-Celtic Society –Lochlainn Seabrook

Avalon Within: Inner Sovereignty and Personal Transformation through the Avalonian Mysteries – Jhenah Telyndru

Creating Form From the Mist: The Wisdom of Women in Celtic Myth and Culture – Lynne Sinclair-Wood

Women in Celtic Myth: Tales of Extraordinary Women From Ancient Celtic Tradition – Moyra Caldecott

Celtic Women’s Spirituality: Accessing the Cauldron of Life – Edain McCoy

The Silver Wheel: Women’s Myths and Mysteries in Celtic Tradition– Marguerite Elsbeth

Women in Celtic Mythology – Moyra Caldecott

Confessions of a Pagan Nun – Kate Horsley

Praying With Celtic Holy Women – Bridget Mary Meehan, Regina Madonna Oliver

Power of Raven Wisdom of Serpent: Celtic Women’s Spirituality – Noragh Jones

Women in a Celtic Church: Ireland 450 – 1150 – Christina Harrington

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Celtic Goddesses

Celtic Goddesses: Warriors, Virgins and Mothers – Miranda Green

The Celtic Goddess: Great Queen of Demon Witch? – Claire French

Women and Goddesses in Early Celtic History, Myth, and Legend (Working Papers in Irish Studies) – James E. Doan

The Mabinogi and Other Medieval Welsh Tales – Patrick K. Ford

King Arthur and the Goddess of the Land: The Divine Feminine in the Mabinogion – Caitlin Matthews

Magic of the Celtic Gods and Goddesses: A Guide to Their Spiritual Power, Healing Energies, And Mystical Joy – Carl McColman, Kathryn Hinds

Celtic Gods, Celtic Goddesses – R. J. Stewart

The Quest for the Nine Maidens – Stuart McHardy

Arianrhod: A Welsh Myth Retold – Barbara Donley

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Welsh Mythology

The Mabinogi and Other Medieval Welsh Tales – Patrick K. Ford

The Four Branches of the Mabinogi: Celtic Myth and Medieval Reality – Will Parker

Tales From the Mabinogion – by Gwyn Thomas

Mabinogion Tetralogy – Evangeline Walton

Bardic Tales from the Mabinogion – Hugin the Bard

The Four Ancient Books of Wales – W. F. Skene

Mabon and the Guardians of Celtic Britain: Hero Myths in the Mabinogion – Caitlin Matthews

King Arthur and the Goddess of the Land: The Divine Feminine in the Mabinogion – Caitlin Matthews

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Welsh Culture and Language

Celtic Heritage: Ancient Tradition in Ireland and Wales – Alwyn Rees

Celtic Wales (University of Wales – Pocket Guide) – Miranda Aldhouse-Green

A History of Wales – John Davies

Trioedd Ynys Prydein: The Triads of the Island of Britain (Cymru – Contemporary German Writers) – Rachel Bromwich

The Journey Through Wales and The Description of Wales (Penguin Classics) – Gerald of Wales

Customs and Traditions of Wales (The University of Wales – Pocket Guide) – Trefor Owen

Teach Yourself World Culture: Wales – Julie Brake

Welsh-English / English-Welsh Dictionary and Phrasebook (Hippocrene Dictionary and Phrasebooks) – Heini Gruffudd

Introduction to Welsh Literature (University of Wales Press – Writers of Wales) – Gwyn Williams

A Guide to Welsh Literature: 1900-1996 (University of Wales Press – Guide to Welsh Literature)

Merlin and Wales: A Magician’s Landscape – Michael Dames

The Complete Welsh-English English-Welsh Dictionary – H. Meuring Evans

Teach Yourself Welsh Complete Course Audiopackage – Julie Brake

Atlas Cymru (Welsh Joint Education Committee)

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Glastonbury: Myth and Archaeology – Philip Rahtz

The Isle of Avalon: Sacred Mysteries of Arthur and Glastonbury – Nicholas R. Mann

Glastonbury Reader: Selections From the Myths, Legends and Stories of Ancient Avalon – Edited by John Matthews

Glastonbury: Avalon of the Heart – Dion Fortune

Glastonbury: Maker of Myths – Frances Howard-Gordon

The Glastonbury Tor Maze – Geoffrey Ashe

King Arthur’s Avalon: The Story of Glastonbury – Geoffrey Ashe

Avalonian Quest – Geoffrey Ashe

Avalon and Sedgemoor – Desmond Hawkins

The Legendary Twelve Hides of Glastonbury – Ray Gibbs

Glastonbury (History & Guide Series) – R.W. Dunning

Beckery Chapel, Glastonbury, 1967-8 – Philip A. Rahtz

The British Lake-Village Near Glastonbury: Letters and Papers – Robert Munro

Britain, A Study in Patterns: [Wales, Silbury, Stonehenge, Glastonbury] – Mary Williams

Energy Secrets of Glastonbury Tor – Nicholas Mann

New Light on the Ancient Mystery of Glastonbury – John Michell

Guide to Glastonbury’s Temple of the Stars – Katherine Maltwood

The Glastonbury Zodiac – Mary Caine

Looking for Arthur: A Once and Future Travelogue – Richard Leviton

An Architectural Handbook of Glastonbury Abby with a Historical Chronicle of the Building 1920 – Frederick Bligh Bond

Glastonbury Abbey: The Holy House at the Head of the Moors Adventurous – James P Carley

The Chalice Well Glastonbury – F. Hardcastle

Glastonbury Tor: A Novel – LeAnne Hardy

Glastonbury: The Novel of Christian England –Donna Fletcher Crow

A Glastonbury Romance – John Cowper Powys

Francis Frith’s Glastonbury (Photographic Memories) – Steve Wallis

Traditions of Glastonbury: The Biblical Missing years of Christ – Answered – E. Raymond Capt

Glastonbury, the Mother of Saints: Her Saints – Lionel Smithett Lewis

Glastonbury: A Very English Fair – George McKay

The Goddess in Glastonbury – Kathy Jones

The Glastonbury Tarot: Timeless Wisdom From the Isle of Avalon – Lisa Tenzin Dolma

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Arthur’s Britain (Classic History) – Leslie Alcock

Witches, Druids and King Arthur – Ronald Hutton

King Arthur’s Round Table: An Archaeological Investigation – Martin Biddle

The World of King Arthur – Christopher Snyder

World of King Arthur and His Court: The People, Places, Legend and Lore – Kevin Crossley-Holland

Le Morte D’Arthur: King Arthur and the Legends of the Round Table (Signet Classics) – Sir Thomas Malory

Arthurian Romances (Penguin Classics) – Chretien de Troyes

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (Broadview Library Texts – From Broadview Press)

Idylls of the King (Penguin Classics) – Alfred Tennyson

The New Arthurian Encyclopedia: Updated Paperback Editions (Garland Reference Library of the Humanities, Vol. 931) –Norris J. Lacy

Rewriting the Women of Camelot: Arthurian Popular Fiction and Feminism (Contributions to the Study of Science Fiction and Fantasy)– Ann F. Howey

King Arthur and the Goddess of the Land: The Divine Feminine in the Mabinogion – Caitlin Matthews

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table – Benedict Flynn

King of the Celts: Arthurian Legends and Celtic Traditions – Jean Markale

King Arthur – Norma L. Goodrich

King Arthur: Hero and Legend – Richard Barber

The Way of King Arthur: The True Story of King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table (Adventures in History) – Christopher Hibbert

The Discovery of King Arthur – Geoffrey Ashe

The Legend of King Arthur: A Young Reader’s Edition of the Classic Story by Howard Pyle – David Borgenicht, Howard Pyle

Legends of King Arthur in Art (Arthurian Studies) – Muriel Whitaker

Arthur, King of Britons: From Celtic Hero to Cinema Icon – Daniel Mersey

The Story of the Grail and the Passing of Arthur – Howard Pyle

Quest for King Arthur Hb – David Day

King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table (Puffin Classics) – Roger Lancelyn Green

The Arthurian Quest: Living the Legends of Camelot (Llewellyn Celtic Wisdom Series) – Amber Wolfe

The Arthurian Tarot – Caitlin Matthews

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Druidism and Celtic Paganism

The World of the Druids – Miranda J. Green

Witches, Druids and King Arthur – Ronald Hutton

The Druids – Ronald Hutton

The Pagan Religions of the Ancient British Isles – Ronald Hutton

Druids: Preachers of Immortality (Revealing History) – Anne Ross

The Druids – Stuart Piggott

The Druids: Celtic Priests of Nature – Jean Markale

War, Women and Druids: Eyewitness Reports and Early Accounts of the Ancient Celts – Philip Freeman

A Brief History of the Druids – Peter Berresford Ellis

The Druids: Priests of the Ancient Celts (Contributions to the Study of Religion) – Paul R. Lonigan

The Druid Source Book: From Earliest Times to Present Day – John Matthews

The Celtic Seers Source Book: Vision and Magic in the Druid Tradition – John Matthews

The Bardic Source Book: Inspirational Legacy and Teachings of the Ancient Celts – John Matthew

Way of the Druid: Renaissance of a Celtic Religion and Its Relevance– Graeme K. Talboys

The Barddas of Iolo Morganwg: A Collection of Original Documents, Illustrative of the Theology Wisdom, and Usages of the Bardo-Druidic Systems of the Isle of Britain – J. Williams Ab Ithel, Iolo Morganwg, John Williams

The Druidry Handbook: Spiritual Practice Rooted in the Living Earth– John Michael Greer

The Book of Druidry – Ross Nichols

The Solitary Druid: A Practitioner’s Guide – Robert Ellison

Bonewits’s Essential Guide to Druidism – Isaac Bonewits

Druid Magic: The Practice of Celtic Wisdom – Nicholas R. Mann

The Elements of the Druid Tradition – Philip Carr-Gomm

Celtic Bards, Celtic Druids – R.J. Stewart

A Druid’s Herbal for the Sacred Earth Year – Ellen Evert Hopman

Celtic Traditions: Druids, Faeries, and Wiccan Rituals – Sirona Knight

The Druid Way (Earth Quest) – Philip Carr-Gomm

Mythology and Rites of British Druids – Edward Davies

The Sacred Isle: Pre-Christian Religions in Ireland – Daithi O’Hogain

Mysteries of Druidry – Brendan Cathbad

The Lore of the Bard: A Guide to the Celtic and Druid Mysteries – Arthur Rowan

Druid Priestess, New Edition – Emma Restall Orr

The Celtic Druids’ Year: Seasonal Cycles of the Ancient Celts – John Robert King

Celtic Druids – Godfrey Higgins

Taliesin or Bards and Druids of Britain – D.W. Nash

Secrets of the Druids (From Black Dog and Leventhal Publishers)

Principles of Druidry: The Only Introduction You’ll Ever Need (Thorsons Principles) – Emma Restall Orr

Druid Shaman Priest: Metaphors of Celtic Paganism – Leslie Ellen Jones

Stonehenge and Druidism – Did a Divine Hand Guide the Building of Stonehenge? – E. Raymond Capt

Druids and Druidism – T.D. Kendrick

An Introduction To The Druid Path – Marah Ellis Ryan

Druids or A Study in Celtic Prehistory – T.D. Kendrick

The Veil of Isis – Druid Mysteries – W. Windood Reade

Spirits of the Sacred Grove: The World of a Druid Priestess – Emma Orr

The Secret of the Bards of the Isle of Britain – Dillwyn Miles

Druid Power: Celtic Faerie Craft and Elemental Magic – Amber Wolfe

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Hallowquest: The Arthurian Tarot Course: A Tarot Journey Through the Arthurian World – Caitlin Matthews

The Arthurian Tarot – Caitlin Matthews

Legend: The Arthurian Tarot Card and Book – Anna-Marie Ferguson

Keeper of Words: Arthurian Tarot, Book only – Anna-Marie Ferguson

The Llewellyn Tarot– Anna-Marie Ferguson

The Celtic Wisdom Tarot – Caitlin Matthews

The Druid Craft Tarot – Philip Carr-Gomm

The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards – Colette Baron-Reid

The Sacred Circle Tarot: A Celtic Pagan Journey – Anna Franklin

The Glastonbury Tarot: Timeless Wisdom From The Isle of Avalon –Lisa Tenzin Dolma

The Celtic Tarot – Courtney Davis

Druid Animal Oracle Deck – Philip Carr-Gomm

Celtic Mini Tarot – Lo Scarabeo

Celtic Tarot – Lo Scarabeo

The Celtic Tarot – Julian De Burgh

The Greenwood Tarot: Pre-Celtic Shamanism of the Mystic Forest – Mark Ryan

Tarot of Druids Mini – Lo Scarabeo

Avalon (Tarot Card Deck) – Lo Scarabeo

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Ogam: Weaving Word Wisdom – Erynn Rowan Laurie

Celtic Wisdom Sticks: An Ogam Oracle – Caitlin Matthews

Omens, Oghams & Oracles: Divination Druidic Tradition – Richard Webster

The Ogham and the Universal Truth of the Trees: As Above, So Below – Dean A. Montalbano

Ogham Monuments in Wales – John Sharkey

Celtic Secrets American Ogam or Welsh Coelbren Y Beirdd – Donald L. Cyr, Frank McGaugh, Nigel Pennick, Marshall Payn, Barry Fell

The Tarot and An Ancient Celtic Method of Divination – L.W. de Laurence

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Herbalism and Healing

Welsh Herbal Medicine – David Hoffman

Welsh Flowering Plants: A Handbook of the Collection In the Welsh National Herbarium – H.A. & A.E. Wade (Revised by A.E. Wade), Hyde

Heather in England and Wales (Ite Research Publication) – R.G. Bunce

The Healing Power of Celtic Plants: Their History, Their Use, and the Scientific Evidence That They Work – Angela Paine

Brighids’s Healing: Irelands Celtic Medicine Tradition – Gina McGarry

A Druids Herbal for the Sacred Earth Year – Ellen Evert Hopman

Celtic Healing: The Healing Arts of Ancient Britain, Wales and Ireland – C.J.S. Thompson

Health from British Wild Herbs: A Guide to the Most Common and Most Useful Non-poisonous British Wild Herbs, and Their Medicinal Virtues and Applications to Various Complaints – Richard Lawrence Hool

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The Grail Quest

The Quest of the Holy Grail (Penguin Classics) – Anonymous

The Lancelot Grail Reader: Selections From the Medieval French Arthurian Cycle (Garland Reference Library of the Humanities) – Norris J. Lacy

Preceval or The Story of the Grail –  Chretien de Troves

From Scythia to Camelot: A Radical Reassessment of the Legends of King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table, and the Holy Grail (Arthurian Characters and Themes) – C. Scott Littleton, Linda A. Malcor

Merlin and the Grail: Joseph of Arimathea, Merlin, Preceval: The Trilogy of Arthurian Prose Romances Attributed to Robert de Boron (Arthurian Studies) – Robert de Boron

The Grail Legend – Emma Jung

The Story of the Grail and the Passing of Arthur (Cosimo Classics Literature) – Howard Pyle

The Household of the Grail – John Matthews

Searching For The Grail: A Man’s Guide For Developing an Inner Life – Ken Schmitz

The Grail: From Celtic Myth to Christian Symbol – Roger Sherman Loomis

The Grail: The Celtic Origins of the Sacred Icon – Jean Markale

The Goddess, The Grail and The Lodge – Alan Butler

Healing the Wounded King: Soul Work and the Quest for the Grail (Earth Quest) – John Matthews

The Grail Legend in Modern Literature (Arthurian Studies) – John B. Marino

Initiation Into the Grail Mysteries: Advanced Spiritual Teaching, Practices, and Empowerment for Esoteric World Service – Timothy A. Storlie

At the Table of the Grail: No One Who Sets Forth on the Grail Quest Remains Unchanged – John Matthews

Sources of the Grail – John Matthews

The Grail Castle: Male Myths & Mysteries in the Celtic Tradition (Llewellyn’s Men’s Spirituality Series) –  Ken Johnson, Marguerite Elsbeth

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Western Mysteries

Walkers Between the Worlds: The Western Mysteries From Shaman to Magus – Caitlin Matthews

The Western Way: A Practical Guide to the Western Mystery Tradition – The Native Tradition (Western Way) –  Caitlin Matthews, John Matthews

Initiation into Hermetics – Franz Bardon

Kybalion: A Study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece – The Three Initiates

Kabbalah for Beginners – Michael Laitman

The Secret Teachings of All Ages: An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic and Rosiccucian Symbolical Philosophy (Reduced Size Hardbound in Color) – Manly Palmer Hall

Mystical Qabalah – Dion Fortune

Psychic Self-Defense – Dion Fortune

The Training and Work of an Initiate – Dion Fortune

The Sea Priestess – Dion Fortune

Applied Magic – Dion Fortune

Moon Magic – Dion Fortune

Sane Occultism – Dion Fortune

The Arthurian Formula – Dion Fortune, Gareth Knight

Dion Fortune and the Inner Light – Gareth Knight

Dion Fortune and the Three Fold Way – Gareth Knight

Secret Tradition in Arthurian Legend – Gareth Knight

Magic and the Western Mind: Ancient Knowledge and the Transformation of Consciousness (Llewellyn’s Western Magick Historical Series) – Gareth Knight

The Rose Cross and the Goddess: The Quest for the Eternal Feminine Principle – Gareth Knight

The Tree of Life: An Illustrated Study in Magic –  Israel Regardie

The Middle Pillar: The Balance Between Mind and Magic – Israel Regardie

A Garden of Pomegranates: Skyring on the Tree of Life – Israel Regardie

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SOA Authors

Avalon Within: Inner Sovereignty and Personal Transformation Through the Avalonian Mysteries – Jhenah Telyndru

Which Witch is Which?: A Concise Guide to Wiccan and Neo-Pagan Paths and Traditions – (From New Page Books)

The Everything Soapmaking Book: Recipes and Techniques for Creating Colorful and Fragrant Soaps (Everything Sports and Hobbies) – Alicia Grosso

Soapmaking – Alicia Grosso

Goddess Alive!: Inviting Celtic and Norse Goddesses Into Your Life – Michelle Skye

Goddess Afoot!: Practicing Magic with Celtic and Norse Goddesses – Michelle Skye

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The Mists of Avalon – Marion Zimmer Bradley

The Forest House (The Mists of Avalon: Prequel) – Marion Zimmer Bradley

Lady of Avalon (Avalon Book 3) – Marion Zimmer Bradley

Priestess of Avalon – Marion Zimmer Bradley

Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Ravens of Avalon – Diana L. Paxon, Marion Zimmer Bradley

Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Ancestors of Avalon – Marion Zimmer Bradley, Diana L. Paxon

The Road to Avalon – Joan Wolf

Out of Avalon: An Anthology of Old Magic and New Myths – Roc

Le Morte D’Avalon (Arthurian Novel) – J. Robert King

The Avalon Collections: Web of Magic, Books 4-6 – Rachel Roberts

The Avalon Collection, Quest for Magic, Books 1-3 – Rachel Roberts

Avalon: A Novel – Anya Seton

Avalon: The Return of King Arthur – Stephen R. Lawhead

Enemy of God (The Arthur Books #2) – Bernard Cornwell

The Winter King (The Arthur Books #1) – Bernard Cornwell

Excalibur (The Arthur Books #3) – Bernard Cornwell

Sword of Darkness (Lords of Avalon, Book 1) – Kinley Macgregor

The Once and Future King – Terence Hanbury White

The Hollow Hills (The Arthurian Saga, Book 2) – Mary Stewart

The Last Enchantment (The Arthurian Saga, Book 3) – Mary Stewart

The Prince and the Pilgrim – Mary Stewart

The Knight of the Sacred Lake (The Guenevere Novels Number 2) – Rosalind Miles

The Forever King (Forever King Trilogy) – Molly Cochran

The Sword in the Stone – T.H. White

The Oak Above the Kings (The Tales of Arthur, Vol. 2) – Patricia Kennealy

The Broken Sword: King Arthur Returns – Molly Cochran

Hedge of Mist – Patricia Kennealy-Morrison

Road to Camlann: The Death of King Arthur – Rosemary Sutcliff

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Annie Laurie ~ Folksongs of the British Isles/Barrueco – The King’s Singers

The Best of Pagan Song (From Serpentine Music Productions)

Bending Tradition – Emerald Rose

Archives of Ages to Come – Emerald Rose

Emerald Rose – Emerald Rose

Fire in The Head – Emerald Rose

Celtic Crescent – Emerald Rose

Annwyn, Beneath the Waves – Faith and the Muse

O’r Mabinogi – Ceredwen

Shores of Avalon – Tina Malia

Mists of Avalon: Original Television Soundtrack

Storming Heaven – Avalon Rising

Avalon Rising – Avalon Rising

Lady of the Lake – Lisa Thiel

Sisters of the Dream – Lisa Thiel

Journey to the Goddess – Lisa Thiel

Invocation of the Goddess – Lisa Thiel

Songs for My Ancestors – Lisa Thiel & Ani Williams

Flame in Avalon – Anne Lister

Transformation – A Journey to Glastonbury – Suzanne Doucet

Healing Waters – Legend of the Chalice Well – Govannen

A Rainbow Path – Kay Gardner

Sounding the Inner Landscape – Kay Gardner

Point of Faith (From Angleterre Music)

Returning – Jennifer Berezan

Let It Begin Now – Reclaiming and Friends, Starhawk

Goddess Chant – Shawna Carol

A Circle Is Cast – Libana

Fire Within – Libana

Night Passage – Libana

Borderland – Libana

Sojourns – Libana

The Lady of the Lake – Elaine Silver

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