Internet Resources

The Goddesses of Avalon

Rhiannon-Divine Queen
Mistress of the Silver Moon and Otherworldly Guide to the Feminine Mysteries

Lythia Studios
Arianrhod An overview of the Goddess with images depicting this Goddess.

The Women of Avalon

Ladies in Arthurian Legend
An excellent site filled with information about the many and varied women who inhabit Arthurian Mythos. Includes pages on the Lady of the Lake, Morgan Le Fay, Morgause, Igraine and Iseult.

In Celebration of Morgan le Fay
Traces the many appearances of Morgan in literature, with a concentration on recent works

Amazon Princesses and the Priestesses from Mists of Avalon
Hidden behind a veil of hearsay and misinformation, two separate groups of legendary women strive to continue societies fashioned of their own making and for their own purposes. This interesting research project draws parallels between the worlds of the women of the Mists of Avalon and of Xena: Warrior Princess.

Avalonian Mysteries

The Sisterhood of Avalon
Women’s Spiritual path through the Mysteries of Avalon. The SOA has an international membership of women dedicated to the quest for the Holy Shores. A growing family of Hearths and solitaries, the Sisterhood offers training, networking, on and off-line resources, Glastonbury Pilgrimages, two publications and an authentic community of women united in the vision of Avalon.

The Avalonian Thealogical Seminary
The Avalonian Thealogical Seminary is a rigorous training program designed to awaken the innate wisdom in every student. The course work requires students to push through their perceived limitations and to expand their boundaries on mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Less a course of study than a guide to effect lasting inner change, deeper understanding and connection to the Divine Feminine, the Avalonian Thealogical Seminary serves as a Midwife to consciously assist in the birth of the empowered woman within.

Ynys Afallon
Homepage of Jhenah Telyndru, Morgen of the Sisterhood of Avalon. Site contains information about Jhenah’s books, workshops and music. Features Avalonian inspired writings and chants.

The Goddess in Glastonbury 

Kathy Jones is a healer, writer, ritual dramatist, teacher, priestess, initiator and ceremonialist. She lives and works in Glastonbury and is co-founder of the Isle of Avalon Foundation, the Library of Avalon, the Bridget Healing Centre, the Goddess Conference, the Sanctuary at Glastonbury and the Glastonbury Goddess Temple.

Towers of Avalon
A site filled with links to all matters concerning the spirit… Avalon has called to their souls as well… see what they have created with that inspiration. One of the best pagan resource and networking sites around! Home of the Avalon List.

The Oaks of Avalon 
An atmospheric recounting of the Priestess Isle.

Avalonian Resources

Amulets from Avalon
Avalonian and Spiritual jewelry wrought in Glastonbury, UK since 1981

Druidic Organizations

Neo-Druidic organization with groves around the world. A wonderful resource for Druids of all persuasions.

Henge of Keltria
We are a positive path Neopagan tradition dedicated to protecting and preserving our Mother Earth, honoring our ancestors, revering the spirits of nature, and worshipping the Gods and Goddesses of our Celtic heritage.

Sean O’Tuathal’s Druidic Dictionary
This dictionary defines many of the terms used for Druidic Magick (DraÌocht).


The Witches’ Voice
Here you will find the absolute latest information related to modern day WitchCraft and the activities of the Neo-Pagan global community. The Witches’ Voice now offers over 600 meticulously crafted pages of information related to the modern Witch community. One of the Best on the Web! A MUST visit.

New Avalon

E-zine for the Modern Pagan Our mission is to bring to the Pagan (Earth-oriented Spirituality) Community a source of practical information for everyday, celebratory and magickal purposes. We strive to be non-denominational in that we are not focused on any one spiritual path, though we may present information on specific paths.

The Gardens of Avalon III

The Gardens of Avalon III page is neither a teaching, tradition sharing, nor a “how-to” service. Rather, it is a communications medium offered to link information services together with technology to provide a comprehensive contact and reference point for the pagan community.

Paradigm Shift
The Ancient Gods and Neopaganism A grounded and highly recommended article for all who walk a Pagan path and seek genuine connection with the Divine.

The New Religious Movements Homepage
This site seeks to provide a foundation for understanding how religious groups emerge, grow, stagnate, reinvigorate themselves, and sometimes die. It also seeks to promote understanding of religion more broadly without preference for or against any particular religious group.

The Arthurian Legends

The Camelot Project
An excellent site…a must visit! Filled with links to other Arthurian sites.

Visions of Albion

A site of wonder which spirits you around the land of legends.

Celtic Culture

Celtic Studies Resources 
From an Opinionated Digital Medievalist. Well researched and informative.

Celtic Twilight
An excellent background of Celtic sources complete with maps, links, and detailed photos.

The Sacred Landscape

Sacred Sites of Ancient Britain 
Wonderful photos of Glastonbury Tor, Glastonbury Abby, Chalice Well, Stonehenge, Silbury Hill, Avebury and Wells Cathedral.

Britannia: Internet Magazine
This online magazine is edited by Geoffrey Ashe, a prolific writer and scholar on the historical and legendary landscapes of Britain. He has written several books about Glastonbury and Avalon, and resides at the base of the Chalice Hill there.

Tour of Arthurian England
In Japanese with wonderful photos.

Isle of Avalon
Once upon a time, Glastonbury was a sacred island.
A pilgrimage place for millennia, this is England’s ‘holiest Earthe’. The story continues…. It’s a cosmic place today too!

Isle of Avalon Foundation
Isle of Avalon Foundation was formed in 1995 to expand the work of the University of Avalon. The Foundation is an educational centre whose main purpose is to make available to visitors the transformational energies of Glastonbury.

Historical Glastonbury

About Glastonbury
The official site with historical and mystical origins, links, and a plethora of information about the town.

Sacred Sites: Glastonbury 
“There are times in the history of races when the things of the inner life come to the surface and find expression, and from these rendings of the veil the light of the sanctuary pours forth. To them we look when we seek inspiration. Glastonbury is rarely rich in these things. Here we find holy relics of many sides of the soul’s experience. The deep, remote past of our race is here.”
-Dion Fortune – Avalon of the Heart..

Maps of Glastonbury 
Puts Glastonbury in geographical context and includes a plan of the town.

Mystical Glastonbury

The Glastonbury Mystic Grid. Articles and references about every aspect of Glastonbury. Truly a wealth of information for the serious seeker.

Glastonbury Today

Welcome to Glastonbury
A resource for Glastonbury events, workshops and conferences. Information from the Isle of Avalon Foundation, Avalon Magazine, the Avalon Library Association and much more. Articles, galleries and newsgroups – a cornucopia of information. Be sure to give your support to the Sanctuary at Glastonbury – an ambitious building project for the Third Millennium.

Isle of Avalon 
The ultimate site about Glastonbury, its inhabitants and its rich history. A sizable archive of information, local listings of artisans and healers, beautiful photos and images, a Seasonal Virtual Tor…. This is the place to start the quest for all things Avalonian.

Goddess Conference in Glastonbury 
The Goddess Conference is held annually in Glastonbury and is open to all women and men who love the Goddess. Explore these pages to learn more about the conference and the incredible work of Kathy Jones.

Glastonbury; Land of Legends
For such a little town Glastonbury packs quite a few punches – and it is not for everyone as the town is swarming with unusual people. Said to be the ‘heart chakra’ of the world it is probably the most mystical town in Europe. Begin your visit here to the mystical abbey – the Tor and Chalice Well – the new age town itself.

Glastonbury – The Town
Images of the town to whet your appetite as you jump off in exploration.

Chalice Well

Chalice Well & Gardens 
Home Page Here you will find a place of beauty, peace, and healing. Spiritual Pilgrims of all kinds have come to this special place from time immemorial. A quiet visit to the Well is essential for all who come to explore the mysteries and ancient lore of the Isle of Avalon. Come, find calm and sit beside the waters of peace.

Quest for the Grail

The Holy Grail 
The origin of the ‘Legend of The Holy Grail’ is believed to belong to the ancient Britons probably of Welsh and Keltic heritage as known in Goidelic and Brythonic myths which have at their core a mystical tradition.
-Joseph of Arimathea…

Sacred Symbols

Kingfisher: Vesica Piscis: an introduction
The Vesica Piscis is made by linking two circles together, bringing the outside edge of each to the midway point of the other. The almond shaped center of the image is called a mandorla (Latin for almond). The mandorla can easily be seen as a grail or chalice, further connecting the symbol to Avalon. (from the 32 page CD insert book). The Vesica Piscis is made by linking two circles together, bringing the outside edge of each to the midway point of the other. The almond shaped center of the image is called a mandorla (Latin for almond). The mandorla can easily be seen as a grail or chalice, further connecting the symbol to Avalon. (from the 32 page CD insert book).

Inspirational Art

Jill Smith
Artist who creates hauntingly beautiful images of the Sacred Celtic Landscape, and author of The Callanish Dance.

Cheryl Yambrach Rose 
Visionary Art Beautiful images inspired by Glastonbury.

Victorian Painters
You will find Pre-Raphaelite panitings in this wonderful resource. Simply stunning catalog of artists, articles and paintings. Source for many of the images on these pages.

Green Man Graphics
A graphics-intensive site filled with pagan imagery.

Sacred Source Statuary
Well researched images of the Divine from cultures around the world. Includes some lovely Celtic pieces and a huge selection of Goddess statuary.
Benefits a work co-operative in India.

Inspirational Music

Crystal Rose 
If it were possible to create a musical category that combines pop, rock, and folk with a dash of Celtic and Gothic, then maybe Crystal Rose could find a home. Until then, they will remain in a category of their own, perhaps best defined by those who listen. Includes songs about the Goddess which are touched by the Source.

Silver Branch Music to Ease the Celtic Soul 
With imagery drawn from the myths and legends of ancient Wales and Ireland, the arrangements on their debut CD “Hand to Hand” blend vocal, guitar, psaltery, recorder, harp and drums into a dreamscape evoking mist shrouded memories of an age long past. As we enter this circle, we reach our hands back to that past, and extend them forward to the future, offering these songs, chants and rounds to all who feel the spirit of the Celts calling to their hearts and souls.

Avalonian Books

The Sisterhood of Avalon Bookstore
The Sisterhood’s link to books and other items which we recommend – in partnership with

Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Literary Works Trust
Includes subscription information, writer’s guidelines, bibliography and works by the late author.

Journey to Avalon 
Overview of an intriguing book which places the location of Avalon as The Island of Bardsey.