AvaCon is a two-day online conference hosted every year by the Sisterhood of Avalon.  Spanning Saturday and Sunday on the first weekend in April, this conference allows women from all around the world to join together online and learn about the Avalonian tradition.  Topics range from discussion of our Goddesses, the Avalonian Cycle of Healing, our Ninefold energetic, and spiritual practices, just to name a few.

AvaCon first began in 2015, and each year we continue to grow and evolve.  Some of the mainstays of our weekend include a Saturday keynote presentation from our Morgen and founder, Jhenah Telyndru, and a Sunday workshop from one of the members of the Council of Nine, the spiritual leading body of the SOA.  Both days also include Q&A panel discussions with various Nine members, as well as women who serve on the Board of Trustees, and other SOA sisters with specialized interests.  There is also time in both days to socialize with other women, chat, ask questions, and just enjoy each other’s company (and usually some fun and games too!).

If you want to get more of an idea about the wonderful knowledge-sharing and discussion that goes on, past recordings of AvaCon can be found on Bandcamp for purchase:


Frequently Asked Questions about AvaCon:

  • Q: How much do I have to donate?
  • A: We accept all donation amounts.  Women donate anywhere from $1 to $150.  A conference of this type can run hundreds of dollars, but we want to reach as many women as possible, so it is pay as you can.  We do ask that you are as generous as you can financially be, as the weekend is an amazing resource.  If you can give more to make up for another sister who can only give a little, please do!  We find it all balances out in the end!
  • Q: I am only free one day of the weekend – can I still attend?
  • A: Absolutely! The conference is not sequential (though we do tend to find a theme naturally births out of the weekend and weaves through all the panels) so you can jump in anytime, to any panel or workshop.  Come in and out as your schedule allows!
  • Q: I’m a part of an SOA hearth – can we donate as one since we will be watching together?
  • A: We love hearth viewing parties, so yes!  Just specify in the payment note which hearth it is for and the main contact’s email address (usually the hearth mother). We ask that you please keep your donation appropriate to the amount of women attending.
  • Q: If I register for AvaCon, do I get the recordings for any panels I might not be able to attend?
  • A: Yes, the panel recordings are included in your registration.  Please keep in mind that recordings take 2-3 months to become available after the weekend.