The SOA recognizes that from time to time its members (and sometimes non-members) wish to personally promote the Avalonian Tradition through their own SOA-inspired activities. While the Sisterhood makes no judgment on the quality or value of these activities, it is necessary to make the distinction between official SOA teachings, which are offered exclusively through the SOA, and those that are not.

The Council of Nine would like to make it known that, at this time, the only venues for official SOA teachings that are sanctioned by the SOA include:

All other venues (whether at no-cost or charging a fee) featuring SOA content are entirely independent of the SOA (not endorsed or affiliated with the SOA) and should not be mistaken for SOA authorized teachings or offerings. Examples might include the creation of an Avalonian website; workshops or events (offered in person, online, via webcast, or otherwise); and discussion groups featuring Avalon Within or other published material by Jhenah Telyndru.

Please direct any questions to the council’s Guardian Matron at