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Mythic Seeker: Pilgrimages of the Spirit

The Sisterhood of Avalon pilgrimages are conducted every year or every two years, depending on need and demand. They are open to all members of the Sisterhood of Avalon and to other self-identifying women, aged 18 and over, who are interested in the Avalonian path. We spend time in experiential workshops, sharing in ritual amidst the sacred landscapes, drumming and chanting, and immersing ourselves in the spiritual energies of sites associated with the Goddesses of Avalon and the priestesses of old who are our foremothers. Pilgrimages take place over the course of one week. The cost includes all ground transportation, lodgings, site entry fees, workshops, and most meals. This program raises funds to help support the administrative work of the SOA, support funds like the Priestess Fund and the Land Fund, and support scholarships for training programs. The pilgrimages are conducted by the Morgen and members of the Council of Nine.

Pilgrimage 2024 poster

In Her Sacred Landscape: Seeking the Divine Feminine in Wales

Hosted by Mythic Seeker: Pilgrimages of the Spirit and Sisterhood of Avalon
July 12 – 21, 2024

Come join with Sisters of the Spirit on a ten day pilgrimage where we will walk the sacred landscapes of Wales, retrace the paths of legend, and immerse ourselves in the mythic wisdoms of the ancient Britons. Gather in women’s community and journey with dedicated priestesses and teachers — including Jhenah Telyndru and Tiffany Lazic — to celebrate the energies of the Divine Feminine in her holy places.

We will explore the energies of the sacred landscapes of Welsh Tradition, bring to life the legendary lands of Y Mabinogi, and connect with sites held sacred to the ancient Britons. Experience first hand the mystical energies of Cymru by standing in druid groves, chanting in stone circles, visiting sacred lakes, exploring ancestral barrows, and climbing ceremonial hills. Together, as we seek our priestess-selves, we will visit sites in Wales associated in literature and folk memory with Ceridwen, Blodeuwedd, Rhiannon, Arianrhod, and Branwen, as well as with local divinities and spirits of place, including Elen, Braint, Dwynwen, and the Lady of Llyn y Fan Fach – the Lady of the Lake who gifted her herbal formulary to the famed Physicians of Myddfai.

Our time together will include experiential workshops, sharing in ritual on sacred land, and connecting with the vibrant energies of sites associated with the Goddesses of the land and the priestesses of old who are our spiritual foremothers. We will also spend three days on Ynys Môn, the Holy Island of Anglesey, where druid and author Kristoffer Hughes — along with members of the Anglesey Druid Order — will share local lore, and guide us in practices founded in native Welsh traditions.

All the while, your body, mind, and soul will be nourished with delicious food, spirit-centered teachings, and nurturing accommodations.

The Sisterhood of Avalon pilgrimage to Wales will be taking place from July 12 to July 21, 2024. It is open to all women over the age of 18.

Registration is open! To learn more, and register, please download the full information packet here:

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