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Realm of Sky Intensive


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  • 2024-10-10 16:00 to 2024-10-21 12:00
  • The intensives run from Thursday evening through to Sunday noon. Time will be spent both in experiential workshops and in quiet devotion and inner work. You will return home with tools for self-exploration and for connection to the Goddess within you. (Prerequisites: Seeking Avalon Within and SOA membership). COST: $650
  • Sisterhood of Avalon - Intensives Committee

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Organized By Sisterhood of Avalon - Intensives Committee

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Realm of Sky Intensive

2024-10-10 16:00 to 2024-10-21 12:00
October 10, 2024


Sisterhood of Avalon - Intensives Committee

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Realm of Sky Intensive

2024-10-10 16:00 to 2024-10-21 12:00
October 10, 2024


Fri Oct 11th – Mon 14th

  • Location: North Rose, New York

The Sisterhood of Avalon has been presenting our powerful, immersive Avalonian Training Intensives in North America and Great Britain since 1998. These four-day residential intensives provide women with the opportunity to learn Avalonian ritual, techniques, tools, and philosophy in an experiential and supportive environment. Come to connect with the Goddesses of Avalon, immerse yourself in the transformational spiritual traditions of the Celtic Britons, and learn how to heal and empower yourself as you align with the Cycles of the Universe.

Journey through the archetypal landscapes of the Realm of Sky, the abode of the Divine; the final destination of souls who have completed the cycle of bound and rebound, rejoining the All once more. This intensive builds upon The Realm of Land and The Realm of Sea, bringing together tools and techniques to assist in personal exploration of the Avalonian Tradition, while also learning to serve the Holy Isle and its Sisters as a facilitator of the path for others. Members of the SOA who have attended The Realm of Land Intensive and The Realm of Sea Intensive are welcome to attend.


Download the Intensives general information packet for more info. Register for 2024 intensives here.

Please send any questions to Hope to see you there!