Gwyl Mair 2009

Come join with Sisters of the Spirit on a ten-day Pilgrimage where we will explore both inner and outer landscapes and balance conscious sightseeing with ritual, Imram and Avalonian teachings. We will immerse ourselves in the energies of the sacred landscapes of the Avalonian Tradition, bringing to life the legendary lands of The Mabinogion and connecting with sites held sacred to the ancient Britons. Stand in Druid Groves and chant in Stone Circles. Bathe in holy springs, explore ancestral barrows, and climb ceremonial hills. Experience first hand the mystical energies of Cymru and the Sacred Island of Avalon, portal to the Otherworld and Temple Center of Holy Women.

We will spend five days in Wales, visiting sites associated in literature and ancient folk memory with Ceridwen, Blodeuwedd, Rhiannon, Arianrhod, and Branwen. We will then travel to Glastonbury, believed by many to be Avalon of old, where we will spend the next five days of the pilgrimage visiting this “holiest erthe in Englande.” Time will be spent in experiential workshops, sharing in ritual amidst the sacred landscapes, and immersing ourselves in the spiritual energies of sites associated with the Goddesses of Avalon and the priestesses of old who are our spiritual foremothers.

For more information and a detail registration packet, please contact our Pilgrimage Coordinator:

Offerings from SOA Sisters

Avalon Myst by Gwyllion Moon
Metaphysical Wares & Enchaning Gifts!
For Witchcraft, Wicca, & Pagan Paths!
Offering items that will stir the imagination and bring Magick into your world!

To learn more about Avalon Myst and Gwyllion Moon please visit her website at

Tarot Readings and Astrological Charts
My name is Kathi Boisvert and I currently reside in MA. I offer Tarot readings and astrological charts. I have been doing Astrological Charts and Tarot Readings for 17 yrs.

Charts: I am proficient in Birth Charts, Progressed & Transits Charts for developing future trends, & Relationship Charts. All calculations and print ups are done by hand to ensure accuracy.

Tarot: I can read anything from a basic 1 card pull to the Tree of Life, which is good for the entire upcoming year.

Pricing for charts and readings is negotiable but starts at $20 for either service. Anyone interested can contact me at

SOA Hearths and Learning Circles

The Sisterhood of Avalon fosters a growing number of Hearths, Novice Hearths and Learning Circles. These groups of sisters gather to celebrate the Divine, to support each other in their growth and transformation, to learn the ways of the Avalonian Tradition, and to serve their greater communities in many ways. If you would like to find out more about joining or starting an SOA Hearth, Novice Hearth or Learning Circle, please contact our Hearth Matron for more information. Most groups sponsor Informational Teas locally to connect with women interested in making the journey to Avalon in safe sister space. Watch this list for periodic announcements for the dates and locations of these Open Teas.

Afal Iachaol is a small, but growing, new hearth in Indiana that started August 2008. Gwyl Mair was our second holy day as a hearth and first opportunity to use a special new sharing bowl. The dark blue and black bowl encircled with three mermaids was designed and hand made by Katie with Chipmunk Hill Art Studio at the request of hearth sister Rhonda.

Our hearth mother Bobbi recently shared this sentiment that represents the growth we are experiencing, “With each Full Moon Ritual, our bonds grow even closer – but the Holy Days – these are what we truly build safe-space for. It is so comforting to know that your sisters are holding the energy you have collectively raised so that you may feel comfortable with going into your work fully. I can feel that our sacred center is beginning to hold energy on it’s own now and allowing us to fuel it, rather than rebuilding it with each ritual, as is I think what happens at first as you find your collective dynamic.”

Blessings to all from the sisters of Rhosyn Melyn Hearth. The sisters here in North Texas have been busy with anticipation at the coming of Spring – We literally have experienced the “Stepping out of the Old” and “Dancing in with the New”. This Confrontation Time, or as one sister in Oklahoma would describe it as “Blow out with the Old” and “Emerge slowly”, we are grateful that Katherine, her family, friends, and pets survived the devastation last week.  Thank you all for your kind thoughts, and prayers.

At Gwyl Mair we celebrated at a cabin in East Texas, spending some much need inner reflection time as well as facing our reflections within Cerridwen’s Cauldron, while renewing our spirits by giving thanks with the fire and the well and the coming of the light.

We soon will have 2 new ladies that will join and begin our first Learning Circle this month, and we will have our 2nd Open Sister Tea the first Sunday in April, we hope some area SOA sisters will be able to attend so we can discuss a possible Texas Intensive in our area in the future. We also will be attending a local regional community festival in April where we plan to display our crafts and enjoy some more time outdoors. If any sister would like  a sample of  their crafts or products displayed please contact Deb Banfill Hearth Mother for information or send a message through Sister Space.